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Having grown up in the heart of the Devon countryside, much of Claudia's inspiration originated from her love of the outdoors and the natural beauty of Britain.  As a child she spent hours photographing, drawing and pressing flowers from her mothers garden and turning them into pieces of art.
After studying Fashion and Textiles in Exeter, Claudia went on to explore print making while she focussed on her passion for working in the fashion industry.  The two subjects collided when Claudia decided to experiment with making her own collection of fashion pieces.  She struggled to find the type of printed fabric she wanted as most of what was on offer was cutsey and craft focussed.  She quickly decided the only option was to print some of her own designs.  Having combined her love of nature with an obsession for symmetry and repeating patterns, a unique geometric style was born.
Claudia began creating her own fabric using block prints and hand painting but quickly realised digital print gave the best results for fashion.  With unlimited colours and designs, digital print has taken over much of the textile world and Claudia's first scarves were produced this way.
Manufacturing in England is extremely important to the company and everything we make is printed and made here.  This ensures the quality of our pieces is second to none and we know our scarves are produced ethically.  All of our scarves are finished individually by hand in our own studio.
We now make 100% soft wool scarves in a variety of sizes from pocket squares to large shawls.  
Claudia Meller